Groomers coming from all over Europe could meet colleagues from Russia and South America, all arrived at MilanGroom, in Verbania, where at stake was the Individual World Title thanks to the EGA and Oster Europe, unique sponsor.


To compete for the title, contestants had to enter at least three of the four main categories, which are Poodle, Handstripping, Spaniel & Setter and Purebred Scissoring.

The winner must prove her/his knowledge and skills in applying different grooming techniques on different breeds in the respect of the standards.


One hundred and sixty were the groomers competing in the four main categories plus the Commercial, Intermediate and Beginners classes. Eleven people were looking for the World title.  


Every contestant was given points establishing the classification in the International Contest and the score of the aspirants to the World title.


Judges of the four main categories were Olga Zabelinskaia, Mirjam van den Bosch and Ilaria Girardelli. Umberto Lehmann e Denys Lorrain for Beginner, Intermediate and Commercial classes.

Several were the expositors that contributed to the success of the show and that generously offered their products to the winners


Poodle – Open class

1° Veronica Scarmignani - Italy

2° Carmine Taddeo - Italy

3° Gwennaelle Mourette – France


Poodle – Champion

1° Anna Bardysheva –Russia

2° Alessandro Pascoli – Italy

3° Corinna Verschuren - Belgium


Handstripping – Open

1° Eva Michel - France

2° Liza Muller – Germany

3° Aurore Guerin – France


Handstripping –  Champion

1° Alessandro Pascoli – Italy

2° Sonia Luengo – Spain

3° Giuseppe di Fiore – Italy


Purebred Scissoring – Open

1° Gwennaelle Mourette – France

2° Nunzia Bettinelli – Italy

3° Francesca Bandini – Italy


Purebred Scissoring –  Champion

1° Alessandro Pascoli – Italy

2° Giuseppe di Fiore – Italy

3° Anna Bardysheva – Russia


Spaniel & Setter – Open

1° Aurora Lorenzetto - Italy

2° Didia Rullet - France

3° Alessandro Pascoli - Italy


Spaniel & Setter – Champion

1° Santi Sarria – Spain

2° Israel Espagna – Brasil

3° Odette Sara Genova – Italy



1° Lauriane Sicardi – France

2° Claudio Melorio – Italy

3° Fabrizio Scardilli – Italy

A special prize has been awarded to Valentina Bonetti



1° Giulia Carnaccini – Italy

2° Elena Zeggio – Italy

3° Melania Mirasola – Italy



1° Wellington Lleal – Brasil

2° Aicha Vermeulen – Belgium

3° Rendon Nahuel – Brasil


The Best in Show, reserved to the winners of the four main categories, has been awarded to Anna Bardysheva with her white Standard Poodle  


The first title of Individual World Champion has been won by Alessandro Pascoli; Vice Champion is Giuseppe di Fiore